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Constipation - a plague among Singaporean elderly

Imagine having to spend hours straining on that porcelain throne, painfully left with blood, sweat and tears. That’s how a person with constipation feels - every, single, time. Constipation is defined as having hard stools or difficulty emptying the bowels. You will also feel constipated if you pass motion fewer than 3 times per week. Take a look at this chart below. If you or your loved one's poop resembles Type 1 or Type 2, you need to take action now.   Image source: https://www.continence.org.au/pages/bristol-stool-chart.html Believe it or not, constipation affects more than 50% of Singaporean elderly. Here’s why: 1. Not eating enough fiberWe all know that vegetables are a good source of fiber. But as we age, we lose our...

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5 things you didn't know about protein

  Fact No. 1 Did you know that 1 in 3 Singaporean elderly are malnourished? Shocking isn't it? That’s because they might not be eating enough protein. Fact No. 2 Protein is one of the most common deficits in an elderly person's diet, and this is related to the loss of teeth as we age. If we have weak teeth/no teeth, how does one chew on meat?  Fact No. 3 Protein is needed throughout our body.  Not only for our muscles. In fact, protein forms our body structure, hair, nails, skin and internal organs. We also need it for our blood, immune system, and hormones. This means that everything breaks down when you don't have enough protein.  Fact No. 4 You know how we...

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Have you heard of Toromi Smile?

Thickeners...Sounds familiar? Many people have complained that thickened water is very unappetizing, and thus, they struggle with having enough water which often leads to dehydration and constipation. We have found a solution for the thickeners you are using today.

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