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Milk tea jelly

How do you like your tea? Some like it plain while others like it with milk and sugar. 

This easy recipe helps you to transform our Ion Support Tea Jelly into exciting new flavours. It's great for those who do not drink enough water, or suffer from electrolyte imbalance (e.g. low potassium levels, low sodium levels) due to diarrhoea or other conditions.

You can choose to use any type of milk you desire, or even add a dash of lemon/orange juice for a citrus twist!


Makes 5 servings. Store in refrigerator if not consumed. 


Ion Support tea jelly powder 40g (1 packet)

Hot milk 500ml (min. 80 degrees)

Boiling hot water 500ml


  1. Mix hot milk and hot water together.
  2. Add ion support jelly powder to the milk mixture and stir until the jelly powder fully dissolves.
  3. Pour into a container and let it cool.
  4. Place the mixture into the fridge until it solidifies.
  5. Scoop the jelly into a tea cup and serve.

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