Sambal Ikan




A great traditional Malay dish that is perfectly fried with its crisp skin and and its moist flesh smothered with fresh sambal sauce.

Heating instructions: 

Heat from frozen

  • Microwave: Peel film/lid slightly and microwave on HIGH (800W) for 3 mins OR 
  • Steam: Do not peel film/lid. Pre-heat steamer. Steam for 35 mins.

Storage instructions:

Keep frozen below -18°C. Once thawed, do not refreeze.


Serving size: 90g                         Servings per package: 1

Ingredients (Regular)

Fish, Onions, Soybean Oil, Lemon, Stabilizer, Spices, Chilli, Garlic, Salt, Belacan (Shrimp, Salt), Sugar, Assam, Calcium Lactate, Emulsifier.

Allergens: Fish, Shrimp, Soy.