Toromi Smile Clear Beverage Thickener




People with swallowing problems need to use thickeners in their soups, beverages, and gravies. This is because water thickeners help to make liquids travel at a slower rate down our throats, thus reducing the risk of choking.

Sadly, once a person starts using thickeners, he ends up drinking very little water and ends up with dehydration. This is because most thickeners are sticky, lumpy and unappetising.

Toromi Smile is different.

It is no secret that the Japanese have exceptionally high food standards and an obsession for perfection. Coupled with a rapidly aging population, they have created the smoothest and clearest thickener we have ever seen.

With their advanced lightweight formulation, Toromi Smile feels like it 
disappears on your tongue. Every drop of water remains clear, refreshing, and thirst-quenching...just like how it should be. Watch the video below to see the difference.

  • Available in economical 700g packaging.
  • The 700g pack costs half the price of other thickeners in Singapore. You'll also need to use less Toromi Smile each time because it's more powerful than all the other thickeners. This translates to cost-savings.
  • Unaffected by saliva and remains stable over time. This means that you can prepare a large quantity beforehand and serve when needed.
  • Vegan.



For non-milk beverages

Stir your cup of beverage. As you're stirring, and add the required amount of Toromi Smile powder into the cup. Stir continously for 30s.  

For milk-beverages like Ensure

Stir your cup of beverage. As you're stirring, and add the required amount of Toromi Smile powder into the cup. Stir continously for 30s. Do not worry that the milk is not thickening at this point.

Let the milk rest for 10 min. Stir again for 30s. This is where the magic happens! In this second round of stirring, the milk will thicken up beautifully.


Recommended Dosage
Thickness Amount of Toromi Smile per 100ml of fluids
Nectar 1 blue spoon or 1 teaspoon or 1/4 sachet
Honey 2 blue spoons or 2 teaspoons or 1/2 sachet
Pudding 3 blue spoons or 3 teaspoons or 3/4 sachet


Ingredients/Nutritional Info 

Ingredients: Dextrin, Polysaccharide Thickener

Number of servings: 50

Serving size: 3 g

Per 1/4 sachet

Per 1/2 sachet

Per serving (3g sachet)

Per 100g

Energy 1.9 kcal 3.8kcal 7.7kcal 250kcal
Protein 0.005g 0.001g 0.02g 0.7g
Total fat 0g 0g 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 0.7g 1.4g 2.8g 91.3g
Sugar 0.48mg 1.96mg 1.9g 61.8g
Sodium 7.75mg 15.5mg 31mg 1010mg
Dietary Fiber 0.225g 0.45g 0.9g 29.5g



1. Does the liquid remain thick after it has been mixed with Toromi Smile Thickener?
Yes. Toromi Smile takes 2 minutes to stabilise. Once that happens, thickened liquids will not become thicker/thinner. This means that you can prepare a large jug ahead of time and serve throughout the day. This saves you the effort of having to prepare multiple cups each day.

2. Will continued use of Toromi Smile Thickener cause dehydration?
No. Dehydration is indeed very common amongst people with dysphagia.
But it is not the thickener that causes this problem. Rather, it is because people with dysphagia do not like the taste of thickened liquids and end up drinking too little water. Therefore it is very important to use a thickener that is tasteless and lump-free. The more invisible the thickener is, the more likely your loved one will be willing to drink it.

3. How do I store Toromi Smile thickener once the packet has been opened?
Toromi Smile comes in sachet form or an economy pack with a ziplock closure. Store it in a cool, dry place for freshness. If your home tends to be very warm, you can store it in the fridge.

4. My loved one prefers warm drinks. If I prepare a jug of thickened liquids beforehand, can I pour some out and microwave it? Will the thickness change after being heated?
Toromi Smile will thin down slightly when heated above 55 degrees celsius. However, it will thicken up again as it cools down. This is not an issue as we do not drink beverages that are scalding hot anyway. Therefore, it is no problem to heat up the thickened drinks in a microwave as long as you let it cool down to below 55 degrees celsius before serving.

5. Can I add thickener to carbonated drinks?
Yes. However, please let the gas settle (i.e. no foam) before adding Toromi Smile. It will take a longer time to thicken carbonated drinks and the drink will not feel as gassy as before.

6. Can I use Toromi Smile with milk, soups, or acidic drinks?
Yes. Toromi Smile can be used with milk but the thickening method is different. You will need to stir for 30s, then let the milk rest for 5 mins. Stir again for 30s and this time, the milk will thicken.
As for soups and acidic drinks, you just need to stir once but the time taken to thicken will be slightly longer.