Shelf Products

In this section, you will find products that help to give a boost of energy throughout the day. These are useful because many people do not have the appetite for a full meal. Therefore, they need small meals scattered from morning to night in order to obtain enough nutrition. Our snacks and desserts can be grabbed off the shelf anytime so that you'll always have food on hand

We also stocks a collection of thickeners. These are used by people with swallowing difficulty and they come in the form of beverage thickeners like Toromi Smile. How do they work?

Beverage thickeners are added to drinks. As thickened fluids flow down your throat at a slower rate, this gives you more time to swallow and reduces the risk of choking. 

Food thickeners are used to bind the juices and solid content of pureed food so as to create a uniform texture that is safer swallowing. Otherwise, the juices may accidentally slip down your throat and cause choking.