In this section, you’ll find different beverage and food thickeners as well as clear fiber supplements that are specially formulated to make swallowing much easier and to help your loved one age gracefully.

Why thickeners? 

Thickened foods and fluids flow down your throat at a slower rate, which gives you more time to swallow and reduces the risk of choking.

Who requires thickeners?

Older adults with dementia may forget how to do normal activitlies of daily living, such as chewing or swallowing. Serious swallowing difficulty may also occur in patients with neurological conditions like Parkinson's disease. head or spinal cord injury, esophagal, throat and head cancer, stomach reflux and stroke. 

How will dysphagia affect my loved one?

Aside from choking and pneumonia, people with dysphagia are often dehydrated and malnourished. Hence, it is very important to choose a thickener that doesn’t only thicken beverages but also provide calories, protein and other important nutrients like fiber and essential vitamins. 

Do thickeners change the taste or smell?

So often, the word "thickener" triggers negative reactions. Images of lumpy, sticky, and starchy beverages flood our minds. The same goes for supplements.

We hope to change your impression by introducing the world's finest and most elegant products that are guaranteed to impress. Living with dysphagia will never be the same again.