About Us

Eating should be an enjoyment.

Unfortunately, as our parents get older, they lose their teeth and their jaw muscles get weaker. This makes it hard to chew/swallow many types of food. It's all part of normal aging.

These gradual changes often result in mealtime difficulties but tend to go unnoticed by family members until illness strikes. Sometimes, the elderly may also have dietary restrictions due to chronic conditions like diabetes, Parkinsons, kidney disease etc. All these can cause poor appetite and eventually, malnutrition. 

That's why it's so important to recognise that our elderly are different from us and make sure that they have food that's suitable for them. 

Our products were developed with this concept in mind.  Our elder-friendly food looks good and tastes good. Most importantly, they provide your loved ones with the nutrition that they need in order to stay strong, healthy, and happy.

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