About Us


Eating should be an enjoyment.

Unfortunately, as our parents get older, they lose their teeth and their jaw muscles get weaker. This makes it hard to chew/swallow many types of food. It's all part of normal aging.

These gradual changes often result in mealtime difficulties but tend to go unnoticed by family members until illness strikes. Sometimes, the elderly may also have dietary restrictions due to chronic conditions like diabetes, Parkinsons, kidney disease etc. All these can cause poor appetite and eventually, malnutrition. 

That's why it's so important to recognise that our elderly are different from us and make sure that they have food that's suitable for them. 

Our products were developed with this concept in mind.  Our elder-friendly food looks good and tastes good. Most importantly, they provide your loved ones with the nutrition that they need in order to stay strong, healthy, and happy.

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Our partners

Mr Kuroda is the CEO of Healthy Food Co. Ltd., a company that has been supplying medical food products to thousands of Japanese healthcare institutions for more than 50 years. He is also an advisor to the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and works with a team of healthcare professionals to develop policies and national standards related to food for the elderly. His wealth of experience in developing products for the aging population in Japan will be invaluable in our collaboration to find unique solutions for Singapore. 
Ms Endo is the chief of product planning at Healthy Food Co. Ltd. She is a dietitian by training and has an intimate knowledge of the problems faced by patients with special nutritional needs. She has been personally involved in developing many of the products at Healthy Food Co. Ltd, in collaboration with an expert panel of food technologists, healthcare professionals and patients themselves.  

Meet our team

Grace was a speech therapist (2009-2017) who specialised in swallowing impairments. During her clinical practice, she encountered many patients who lost their desire to eat because of the dietary restrictions resulting from their illnesses. This inspired her to seek innovative solutions to this problem and the journey led her to Japan. Today, she strives to bring cutting-edge food technology to Singapore so as to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy their food, no matter what illnesses they are suffering from. 
Ayako has spent years working in Singapore's nursing home industry. Using her healthcare experience, Ayako collaborates with our Japanese partners to select the very best products that have been tried and tested, and introduces them to Singapore. 
Feng Xian has a highly discerning palate and is one of the creative minds behind our delicious innovations. With many years of R&D experience under her belt and her vast knowledge of food ingredients, Feng Xian strives to create an abundant selection of meals that are nutritious and safe for the elderly.