What is IDDSI?

Our food comes in 1 regular texture and 3 special textures (according to IDDSI standards) to suit people of different chewing/swallowing ability. 

Many healthcare institutions in Singapore have recently adopted the framework set out by the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) to categorise different diet textures for people with swallowing difficulties.

Since Sept 2020, we are updating our range in line with this latest advice, to ensure all foods are safely prepared to the right consistency. 

What are the changes?

You will see some product improvements and new texture names within the Delisoft range in our website and on the dish labels (example label below):

Current Description New Description

Example of the new label on Delisoft Range.

We are changing the names and improving the meals in line with the latest guidance from IDDSI for three of our food textures.

Here are the changes to the texture names:

 Old Name (Texture) New Name (Texture)
Blended / Pureed Pureed
Finely Moist / Soft Moist Minced & Moist
Chopped / Easy Chew Soft & Bite-Sized

 For more info on IDDSI food textures, download your e-book here.

What does these textures mean?

1. Regular: Normal meals for elderly with no diet restrictions.

2. Soft & Bite-Sized: Chopped food in small pieces (<1.5cm)

3. Minced & Moist: Finely minced food in small soft pieces (<0.4cm)

4. Pureed: Blended food into smooth and lump free texture

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