For Institutions

Health Food Matters - Delisoft is proud to be served, and trusted, in many of the most respected healthcare facilities and home-living seniors throughout Singapore.

Working closely with our team of dietitian, speech therapist and food technologist, Health Food Matters is able to customize menus that are as delicious and nutritious than the current menu, even better. Together, we provide a comprehensive meal solution that satisfies the kitchen staff and residents with a wide variety of options in soft textures.


  • Soft diet meals available in four textures:
    • Regular
    • Chopped / Easy Chew
    • Finely Minced / Soft Moist
    • Blended / Pureed
  • Eliminate the guesswork in the textures
  • Fresh and locally sourced ingredients when available.
  • Customized menu's and variety of meals to cater your residents' diverse taste preferences.
  • Therapeutic in general, suitable for individuals with general stroke, cancer and diabetic conditions.
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Standardisation in meal production from raw material, cooking, texturing, portioning, blast freezing of finished products to optimise storage and reduce food waste.
  • No added artificial colours, preservatives.
  • Halal Certified products.
  • Consistent nutritional values within the national guidelines for institutional living elderly.

Please call us today at 6250 2129 to book a wonderful tasting session!.


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