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Improving food services and meal solutions for hospitals and care homes

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Why Choose Health Food Matters?

Increase Your Operational Productivity

Reduction in preparation time and food wastage, cost saving in resources.

Variety and Choice

Offer a wide range of nutritious meals for therapeutic and dysphagia needs.

An Easy Transition

Receive all the training and support you need to transition your food service team.

Increased Operational Productivity

  • Reduce food preparation time.
  • Cook-freeze solutions for longer shelf life.
  • Packed in portion-controlled servings to reduce waste.
  • Minimal staffing and storage resources.

Variety and Choice

  • Cater for all medical needs and dietary preference with over 200 meals.
  • Designed by team of specialists - dietitians, speech therapist and food technologist.

An Easy Transition

  • On-going training and support for healthcare staff
  • Food service and food waste audits
  • Frequent product updates and menu reviews
  • Conduct patient satisfaction surveys

Restoring the Joy and Dignity of Eating

We believe that eating can be made enjoyable, even for persons in the most vulnerable conditions.
We strive to empower healthcare providers and caregivers to provide better nutritional options for their loved ones by creating the safest and most effective food products.

Every mouthful, an enjoyable experience

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