Re-inventing, Re-thinking How We Eat

We've made the frozen meal better

Now we want to change everyone's perception about it.

The Future Is Food

A better frozen

We've right on the cutting edge of food-tech, embracing state-of-the-art methods that improve upon the conventional freezing process. Ever notice those ice crystals forming in your freezer at home? Those won't be a problem with our latest flash freezing technology.

You have to taste it to believe it!

Beauty of natural

Our food uses exclusively 100% natural plant-based stabilisers that are hard at work maintaining the integrity of the food while it sits in your freezer.

We care, not compromise.

Consistency is key

Cooking is such a mood. Sometimes the food is okay, other times you'd wish you hadn't eaten.

We test and refine every recipe before release to eliminate all of that pesky variability and uncertainty, so you can be confident you'll experience the same lovely taste and texture in every mouthful.

Ready in 2 minutes

Microwave 2 minutes. Done.

Your meals should work around your schedule. Not the other way around. Put an end to standing in lines or waiting for deliveries.

Help At Your Fingertips

At HFM, we're always here to help so if you have any questions do click on the chat icon to the bottom right of your screen or call us at 62502129.

Free 3 Day Delivery

Spend $70 for free delivery islandwide (otherwise it's $7 flat). All deliveries are undertaken by our very own friendly delivery team. Expect your order to be packed with care into insulated boxes to maintain their quality.

Guaranteed for 3 months

We guarantee the taste and quality of your meals for up to 3 months from the day you purchased it. If you don't like it, we'll replace or refund it for you with no questions asked.



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