Our Customers' Stories


From Alice 

It's a great blessing knowing Health Food Matters, which I heard about them through the Channel News Asia Feature. Last time, my mum needed at least one and half hours to finish her meals. Now, with the Delisoft Easy Meals, she enjoys it a lot and surprisingly, she can finish her meals in just 20 minutes! She really loves the Goma Chicken and Peppery Pumpkin. Thank you Health Food Matters.

From Mok Jia Yong

I found out about Health Food Matters from Channel 8 Money Week. At that time, I had swallowing difficulties so it was a blink of hope for me. I like Toromi Smile Clear Beverage Thickener because other brands of thickener have a weird taste and cannot be thickened beforehand because it forms lumps. Toromi Smile doesn’t have any weird taste and will not affect the taste of the drink. It can be added beforehand and won't form lumps.  I definitely recommend anyone with dysphagia to try out Health Food Matter's products. 

From Josephine

A few months ago, my 82 year old mum with advanced dementia and diabetes was hospitalized due to severe pneumonia and diagnosed with dysphagia. Since then, she has to be on pureed diet and thickened fluids.

Preparing food for my mum is a whole day affair. It was difficult, especially when it takes 1 to 2 hours to feed her. As a result, my helper and I had lesser time for other errands.

We were introduced to Health Food Matters by nurses whom we spoke to about our stress of coping with her needs.

We are glad and thankful to Health Food Matters, especially when mum has medical appointments. The ready-to-eat blended food is convenient and easy to prepare. Besides, the uniform texture and wide variety of Delisoft Easy Meals are good for mum as it's safer to swallow. The most importantly, the nutrients that HFM food products delivers, especially Sunfiber. It can be added to soup, porridge, beverage and water to help get her fiber, not just from vegetables.

My mum always look forward to her favourite foods such as Garlic Coriander Fish, Black Pepper Chicken, Bread Porridge and Protein Mousse Dessert.

Thank you, Health Food Matters. You have 'SAVED' us in our distress.


From Serena Tan

Due to the radiotherapy treatment that my father went through many years ago, his jaw was unable to open wide and this has restricted his food options to be soft and easy to chew. So when I came across Health Food Matters through a Google search, I decided to try ordering from them.  

Reading from the website about how the Delisoft Easy Meals were developed by their team of healthcare experts, chef and food technologist, learning they are nutritious and can be prepared quickly through microwave heating made me very keen to try them out as I'm concerned my father was not receiving the nutrition he needed. 

I was amazed by the good variety of food options available, with many fish dishes provided which my dad liked. It was also very helpful that the texture could be customized to make it more suitable for my father to eat, be it blended, finely minced or chopped. 

After ordering, the food could be delivered within 2-3 working days, which was quite fast. My father finds the meals soft enough and nutritious for him to eat. The meals are easy to prepare, by just heating them up in the microwave. 

Thanks to Health Food Matters, I believe my dad's health will improve as he continues to eat these nutritious meals. I look forward to the new dishes created in future. 


From Tan Wei Lian

When the speech therapist diagnosed that my mother is having dysphagia and she needs to take blended food, I searched the internet to look for methods to prepare the blended food and chanced upon Health Food Matters’ website. I found that they provide ready-made healthy blended food for the elderly with swallowing problem. After ordering the blended fish dish from the Delisoft Easy Meals menu for my mother to try, I have since being ordering the blended meals for my mother. Her favourite dishes are blended Sweet and Sour Fish and Fish with Sweet Plum Dipping Sauce.

The Delisoft Easy Meals are easy to prepare and can be ordered online easily. Staff at Health Food Matters are also very understanding and efficient, to ensure my requests are taken care of. I am glad that Health Food Matters caters to the increasing needs of our aging population, by providing elderly and their caregivers with more choice of meals. Thank you Health Food Matters.


From L K Ng

Since my 92 year old mother was discharged from a rehab centre in Dec last year, we have been giving her the Special Pantry food from your company.  Although she cannot swallow the normal food, she is able to eat the food bought from your company. In particular, she enjoyed the Premium Seafoods such as the threadfins and scallops.  It is a pity that your company has decided to stop importing them. 
Nevertheless, my mother has been free from any illness for the past 7 months . One reason could be due to the food purchased from your company. They are nutritious and yet acceptable to my mother’s tastebuds. 


From Caflin Law

When I first get to know HFM  was early this year. I saw a documentary featuring specially prepared diet for the elderly. I looked up information online and learnt HFM provide readymade healthy food for the elderly. As Chinese New Year was around the corner, I suggested to my family ordered for my father to try as he had throat cancer and often get choked by his food or took a long time to finish his food. 
It was really convenient from ordering the food online, delivered them to your doorstep and steam hot or immensed the food in hot water and the food was ready to be served. 
My father managed to try a dish before he had a fall and admitted to hospital. Dr diagnosed he suffered some chronic illness and also malnutrition. The hospital provided special soft diets for him. 
After his discharge, we were very stressful with preparing his meals as the diet must be both easy to chew and nutrition. I remembered HFM and since then, I've been ordering my father's meals from HFM. I highly recommend HFM to dysphagia patients and caregivers as it reduces the time preparing for a healthy meal. And there are variety of them to choose from. 
Thank you HFM.


From Wen Liquan 

"Delisoft easy meals has been helpful to my mum who is also my caregiver as this save time for her to prepare special meals for me. I personally like the fact that there are many choices of food for me to choose that keeps my meals interesting. Hope to see more choices on the menu soon!"

From Vivian Ng

"My husband is a dysphagia patient with mobility difficulties, and a survivor of severe neurological illnesses since years back. It really struck our lives when it happened without warning. Since then, he’s not able to drink water nor normal blended soft food with granules, as it would get into his airway causing him to choke or vomit.
Thickener has to be added into water, and blended food with smooth texture and viscosity is required for his consumption. As every mouthful of swallowing to him is a torture, eating and drinking has become a burden to him. It’s just for survival instead of enjoyment.
As I’m a sole caregiver and breadwinner without any domestic helper, I had a hard time coping with his medical needs, preparation of his special diet, and work. Since both of us are relatively young, there’s a long way to go and managing his diet was challenging.
When I was drained and in desperation, I got to know about Health Food Matters through CNA for the ready-to-eat food for dysphagia patients and their collaboration with CGH on the development on “home cooked” DeliSoft Meals. We were really excited and it was a good news to me and my husband.  I contacted Health Food Matters and got to know that Grace was a speech therapist. She truly understood the difficulties that dysphagia patients and caregivers faced. After discussing with the team about my husband’s condition, they provided me advice and recommended some products that are suitable for him and he could easily prepare on his own when I’m not at home.
The texture of the imported ready-to-eat blended food that specially developed for dysphagia patients was just perfect for my husband. It flows smoothly and won’t stick to the wall of the throat that may cause choking or irritation. Besides, the taste is great! My husband started to enjoy the food and with an improvement in the quality of life despite all miseries. The smooth chicken porridge and simmered mackerel puree are his favorites.
The recent launch of the DeliSoft Meal is just another exciting news to us and we had been looking forward to since it’s announced on the news. I’m grateful that the HFM team invited me for the evaluation of this new line of products prior to the launch. They valued my feedback and made further improvements in flavoring and ingredients that are suitable for dysphagia patients, elderly and even for caregivers!
The frozen Delisoft Meals are easy to prepare and only required a few minutes of microwaving after thaw. Blended sweet curry chicken and Assam Fish  taste so good that I have been ordering the regular texture meal for myself too!
I’m glad to know about HFM and it made our challenging lives more manageable. I wish to share my experience with other caregivers and patients, so that they can be benefited too."