What is Delisoft all about?

Why is Delisoft unique?

1. Designed with the elderly person in mind

An elderly person's body is not the same as a young person's. Therefore, our dishes have been meticulously designed by our team of experts so that they meet the elderly person's nutritional requirements. They are then blast frozen to retain maximum freshness and nutrition.

2. Different textures available

Our food comes in 1 regular texture and 3 special textures to suit people of different chewing/swallowing ability. This way, everyone in the family can have a nutritious meal together. Our team has Delisoft meals for lunch too and we love it!

3. Variety

Many elderly eat plain, soupy food that often has little nutrition. This could be due to a lack of teeth, preventing them from chewing hard food, digestive problems, or medical problems. However, variety is the key to enjoyment. That's why our food comprises different cooking styles and cuisines so that you'll always have something new to discover. 

Delisoft's 3 special textures.

Our 3 special textures - Chopped/Easy Chew, Minced/Soft & Moist, and Blended/Pureed, cater to those with different levels of chewing/swallowing difficulty. However, you can enjoy them even if you do not have special texture requirements. 

To develop these special textures, we have adopted a detailed, scientific approach. For example, to help our customers with a risk of choking enjoy their meals safely, we take care of following properties:

1. Stickiness - We ensure that our foods do not stick to the back of your throat.

2. Moisture level - We lock in maximum moisture so that your food will be easily chewed.

3. Viscosity - We measure how fast our gravies and sauces flow so that they do not accidentally slip down the throat and cause choking.

4. Particle Size - For some customers, large pieces of meat and vegetables are difficult to manage. The size of our food particles are measured carefully and produced consistently every single time. 

5. Hardness level - People with few or no teeth cannot chew hard food. 

6. Cohesiveness - For a person with swallowing difficulty, it's difficult to handle solid food and soup/gravy at the same time. When the soup/gravy separates from the solid food, they can cause choking. Therefore, we ensure that our gravies coat our food at just the perfect level so that it's safe for our customers. 

This list is just a snippet of the detail that goes into every dish so as to give you a peace of mind. And that is what makes us different.

Go on, try it out today. We promise that you'll never look back just like our other customers.