Fragrant White Rice



For Asians, the bowl of warm white rice symbolises home. And for the elderly, a meal without rice just doesn't feel complete. That's why we've made our rice extra soft and fluffy so that even grandma and grandpa can enjoy it.

Go on, tuck in.

Note: For those with diabetes, stir in a sachet of Sunfiber that's been scientifically proven to bring down the GI of rice and porridge. Now you can enjoy the carbs without the guilt!

Heating instructions:

Heat from frozen:

  • Microwave: Peel film/lid slightly and microwave on HIGH (800W) for 6 mins; OR
  • Steam: Do not peel film/lid. Pre-heat steamer. Steam for 60 mins.

Storage instructions:

Keep frozen below -18°C. Once thawed, do not refreeze.


Serving size: 180g  Servings per package: 1


Water, Fragrant White Rice

Allergens: Not Applicable